Find Teaching Technology Solutions in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

Sept 20, 2017

As the university gets back to normality in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the LIFE team is available to support faculty who are dealing with tight schedules and diminished class time.

Changes to Fall 2017 Academic Calendar

The Fall 2017 Academic Calendar has been updated to recoup the time lost during Hurricane Irma. The following changes, among others, are taking place:

  • Fall Recess (Oct. 12-15) dates have been canceled, and regular class schedules will proceed.
  • The semester end date has extended to Dec. 20, 2017.

Consultations with the LIFE Team

Due to the changes in the academic calendar and the missing class time, there are common issues that may be affecting classes across campus. For faculty and students who have travel plans during the date extensions, technology solutions like web conferencing and pre-recorded videos can be a viable option. If students need to take their midterms or finals remotely, proctored exams can be a potential solution.

Faculty who would like to speak to an instructional designer about their unique cases or would like to discuss their syllabi, course lesson plans, and assignments can contact the LIFE team. Send an email to to schedule a consultation.