FLC member meets Digital World

May 22, 2015

For Judy Hood, Senior Lecturer of the English department, her journey into the digital world has become a dream come true! Judy’s path started a little over a year ago when she applied to be a member of a Faculty Learning Community cohort, which takes place every year here on campus. The FLCs current topic of focuses centers within Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy. Judy Hood was able to develop and showcase students work enrolled in both Fall and Spring courses ENG 105 – composition and ENG 391 – creative writing.

The project titled “Dialogue with a Painting” was represented by 391 poems, stories, plays, interviews and photos all centered from a field trip visit to the Lowe Art Museum. In Judy’s FLC, she was introduced to Google Drive, more specifically Google Docs. Using Google documents, students were able to collaborate and share each of their projects with one another.  These projects were then added to a master document created by Judy herself, which can be viewed here – Dialogue with a Painting. The success of the students visit, produced artifacts and final collaborative document were noted by members of the Lowe Art Museum and can now be observed on their website as well as the School of Communications, Knight Center for International Media website, featured title page Ode to One Water. Congratulations to Judy and her past year success!