Introducing Google Drive at UM

Mar 10 2016

As of Spring 2016, Academic Technologies is pleased to share the University of Miami’s cloud-based data storage and file sharing solution, Google Drive, is now available to faculty, staff and students for free.

How do I get access to Google Drive?

  •  Access Google Drive at
  •  Login with your CaneID and password via UM Single Sign-On.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a cloud-based data storage and file sharing solution. Google Drive offers users the opportunity to store and organize files without being restricted to one computer; all you need is a web browser, or mobile application to login and access the files.

What type of files can I create with Google Drive?

While you can store any file within Google Drive, there is also the functionality to create files using Google cloud-based applications offered only by the Google Drive platform. You have the ability to create

  • Google Docs: A word-processor application. Similar to Microsoft Word or Pages.
  • Google Slides: A presentation application. Similar to Microsoft Powerpoint or KeyNote.
  • Google Sheets: A spreadsheet application. Similar to Microsoft Excel.
  • Google Forms: A survey application. Create forms to collect data.
  • Google Drawings: A diagramming application. Similar to Microsoft Paint. Create drawings, diagrams and charts.

What are the benefits of using Google Drive?

Unlimited Storage (Up to 5TB per file): A user is not limited by their need to store and share academic work during their time at the University of Miami.

Permissions: Restrict levels of access to a file. A user can decide to allow editing, commenting or view only rights to other parties.

Synchronous collaboration: Edit, comment and collaboratively work on files at the same time.

Confidentiality: UM’s agreement with Google Drive for Education ensures confidentiality of data; the data belongs to the University and its users (including FERPA protected data) and is not passed or used by Google.

Device-friendly: Access your files from your smartphone or tablet device through the official Google Drive mobile application for Android or iOS.

Revision History: Each file offers a feature to review and access previous versions of your edited documents.

Activity Feed: Google Drive provides an activity feed to review latest edits, including edits on shared files.

Automatic Saving: Once online, every change you make is automatically saved in Google Drive.

How is Google Drive currently being used at the University of Miami?

Online Peer Review: Since an early adoption phase last year, a collection of faculty members within English Composition have explored and applied the use of Google Docs as a tool to facilitate online peer review for written assignments. Whether within the classroom or for homework assignments, students are able to provide and receive feedback on submitted works from their peers and their instructor. Through Google Docs, their submissions are continually dynamic, where students can accept suggestions and revisions easily before final submission. All collaboration is recorded by Google Drive, allowing faculty to monitor contribution and attendance.

Collaborative Publication: Featured on our site, Melissa Burley, Lecturer of Creative Writing, employed Google Docs to collate creative writing pieces into a single document for print, using Once students uploaded their work, students were able to curate the final document collaboratively through Google Docs.

Student-Centered Learning: Featured on our site, Associate Professor of English and American Studies, Dr. John Funchion administered student-centered class instruction, through the use of Google Forms. By delivering short responses questions or quizzes with Google Forms, Dr. Funchion could monitor student responses in order to shape classroom discussions and address their understanding of the material assigned.

What kind of guidance and support can I receive?

As a supported tool across the University of Miami, faculty and students can receive support from UMIT, including Academic Technologies. Key support services includes:

Instructional Design Consultations: Instructional designers from Academic Technologies can provide academic guidance to faculty in how to implement Google Drive to support and enrich courses. Contact to book a consultation.

Google Drive Learning CenterA curated set of resources to introduce you to using Google Drive.

Frequently Asked QuestionsA curated set of questions and answers for UM users. These include questions about when your storage expires (if you leave the University) to FERPA implications.