Lightboard Now Available at the Faculty Exploratory

Jun 01, 2016

Starting in Summer 2016, faculty who reserve the One Button Studio will also be able to use the brand new Lightboard (also known as a “Learning Glass”) for recording engaging instructional videos.

What is a Lightboard?

A lightboard is similar to a whiteboard, but made of a transparent glass material. This transparent glass allows the professor to record themselves in front of the board while simultaneously capturing what is being written without having to turn away from the camera.

Below is an example of Dr. James Wilson using the Lightboard to record a lecture on geometric & electron bonds. The board is pre-marked with content to save recording time, and he is making use of props to provide context to the geometrical concepts of his lecture.  

To use the Lightboard:

  • Reserve the Faculty Exploratory to use the One Button Studio. 
  • Connect your personal USB flash drive to turn on the One Button Studio.
  • Align the Lightboard to the camera, then adjust the board to your preference.
  • Connect the Lightboard power cable and turn on the LED lights.
  • Use the provided neon markers to write on the board.
  • Press the “One Button Studio” button to begin recording, and press again to end the recording session.
  • During post-production, use the crop-filter tool in iMovie to flip the recording.

More information on the One Button Studio and the Lightboard can be found on the Faculty Exploratory page. Assistance is available upon request via the reservation form.

Academic Technologies would like to thank Dr. James Wilson, who constructed the board for Academic Technologies.