Faculty Showcase

A faculty showcase is an opportunity for faculty to share, network and discover the fascinating and innovative ways fellow colleagues are using technology in their courses. Academic Technologies invites the academic community to discover how faculty can implement educational technology to employ effective teaching strategies, develop student engagement, and promote digital literacy.  

To learn more information about how a faculty showcase can support faculty development and impact student learning, view the resources on this site.

Faculty Showcase | May 16, 2017

Transforming Teaching and Learning through Storytelling

To all adventurers, innovators, and inquisitive educators! The University of Miami Academic Technologies team welcomes the academic community at the university to register for the annual Faculty Showcase.

Faculty Showcase | May 8, 2016

Enriching Courses Through Digital Storytelling and Other Narrative Techniques

This showcase celebrated Digital Storytelling and other Narrative Techniques, based on a year-long pilot commenced in Fall 2015, funded by the Knight Foundation. 

Teaching with Technology: Broadening UM's Horizons
Faculty and staff discussed flipping the classroom, capturing student presentations for improved feedback and building a feeling of community online.