Learning Innovation and Faculty Engagement

Meet the Team

The Learning Innovation and Faculty Engagement team works with faculty to enrich courses through the appropriate use of technology and pedagogical techniques. This involves the improvement of on-campus courses, experiments with flipped classroom models of instruction, the creation of online courses to reach new audiences, leading the faculty learning communities, among other activities. 

  • Hannah Inzko
    Hannah Inzko

    Director, Learning, Innovation and Faculty Engagement

    Email: h.inzko@miami.edu 

    Phone: 305-284-9032

  • Placeholder
    David Green

    Senior Instructional Designer 

    Email: david.green@miami.edu 

    Phone: 305-243-7605

  • Lior Flum
    Lior Flum

    Senior Instructional Designer 

    Email: lflum@miami.edu 
    Phone: 305-284-2876

  • Gemma Henderson
    Gemma Henderson

    Senior Instructional Designer 

    Email: g.henderson@miami.edu 
    Phone: 305-284-9031

  • Nathalie Molina
    Nathalie Molina

    Senior Instructional Designer 

    Email: nmolina@miami.edu 
    Phone: 305-284-2228

  • Sidney Sherman
    Sidney Sherman

    Graphic Design Assistant

    Email: s.sherman@miami.edu