FLC 2019

FLC 2019: Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing

🕘  Deadline: 21st December 2018  📝  Application: Start 2019 Application >

Applications are now open for the 2019 Faculty Learning Community! The Faculty Learning Community is a group of faculty members engaged in regular meetings to increase their knowledge about teaching, to increase their motivation to pursue innovation, and to become more scholarly in their approach to teaching. Deadline to submit your application is Friday, December 21, 2018.


FLC Fellowship

The University regards FLC membership as an acknowledgment of excellent, innovative, and effective teaching. To guide and empower FLC fellows in their journey to revise a particular course, this initiative provides key opportunities to reflect, collaborate and innovate with peers across the university.

  • Co-constructed Sessions: FLC Fellows will meet seven times over the course of the Spring 2019 semester to engage in facilitated discussion regarding their theme and their courses. Sessions are developed based on the collective expertise, interests and goals of the group.
  • Course Reduction: Each fellow will have assigned funding to support a course load reduction up $3000.
  • Funding: The group will have a shared pool of funds available to support their FLC work.


In line with the University of Miami's new partnership with Magic Leap, the theme for the 2019 Faculty Learning Community program is Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing. The FLC is intended to serve as a platform that allows participants to explore AR hardware, discuss the educational implications of augmented reality, create AR experiences, or use AR to enrich and enhance one of their course.


Application Requirements

Please have the following information and documents ready to upload prior to starting the application.
A complete application must be submitted on or before Friday, December 21, 2018.

  • Personal/contact information.
  • Short responses regarding your interest in teaching and innovation.
  • Information about your availability in Spring 2019.
  • The course you are interested in enhancing with AR and previous syllabus (will be uploaded).
  • Indication of consent (emails, scanned notes, etc.) of your participation from your Dean and Chair (will be uploaded).
  • Your current CV (will be uploaded).

Selection Criteria

The Faculty Learning Community is open to all full time University faculty who are engaged in undergraduate teaching. Criteria for selection include: school and departmental support; interest in exploring and integrating augmented reality; commitment to faculty development; high level of interest in the program; openness to collegiality and exchange of new ideas; potential contributions to the community; and high level of interest in developing, implementing and sustaining innovative techniques to enhance teaching and learning.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the program, please contact academictechnologies@miami.edu.