Faculty Showcase 2018


Beyond the Classroom: Impacting Teaching and Learning Outside Traditional Spaces

🕘  MAY 15: 9:00AM-4:00PM 📍  Donna E. Shalala Student Center – 3rd Floor

The Faculty Showcase is an annual gathering of University of Miami faculty who share, network, and discover the ways in which their colleagues are enriching student experiences through innovative pedagogies and learning technologies. In keeping with exciting trends and developments across campus and the broader educational community, the theme of this year’s Faculty Showcase is Beyond the Classroom: Impacting Teaching and Learning Outside Traditional Spaces.

Quick Links: Call for Proposals / Register to Attend

Presented by Faculty for Faculty

Led by faculty for faculty, this mini-conference aims to support faculty development and impact student learning. A key goal for the Faculty Showcase is to promote collaboration and impact educators across the University of Miami.

How Can You Participate?

Each year, individuals from across the University of Miami kindly offer their time to share their success and expertise in implementing educational technologies and innovative teaching strategies at our Faculty Showcase. There are multiple ways to contribute, as a speaker and as an attendee. 

Submit a Proposal

Speakers at the Faculty Showcase provide an interactive experience and opportunity for professional development for themselves and attendees. Review the full description on the right and submit via our form below.


Register to Attend

Last year, over 100 members of faculty and staff participated in the Faculty Showcase 2017, presented by faculty, for faculty, and funded by the Knight Foundation. Dive into our agendas to review the type of activities and resources shared.


Call for Proposals

🕘  DEADLINE: MARCH 30 2018

Academic Technologies invites the academic community from across the university to share their experiences, techniques, successes, and expertise on topics related to this theme at the 2018 Faculty Showcase, including but not limited to:

  • Community engagement - Involving students in community/civic engagement or fieldwork as part of the learning process
  • Distance-ready - Extending (or preparing to extend) the learning environment using distance education technologies
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality - Using virtual reality and other technologies to bring students to other environments and worlds
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning - Engaging in SoTL and other efforts to measure the impact of teaching
  • Student-generated Media - Bringing the outside world into the classroom through student-generated videos, photography, podcasts and audio projects, and remote guest speakers.
  • Other Impactful Beyond-the-Classroom Learning Opportunities


Academic Technologies encourages you to consider a presentation format that will engage your colleagues in discussion and learning. We are soliciting proposals for four session types:

Learning Circle

With a small group, demonstrate and discuss a learning activity, assignment, or assessment you have employed in a previous course. A learning circle will include the following elements.

  • A brief discussion on the components on your activity.
  • A live action demonstration of your activity that the group can practice and evaluate.
Faculty Spotlight

Engage a larger group of of colleagues in a 45-minute breakout session related to a teaching practice, innovative technology, or learning outcome.

Hands-on Workshop

Conduct an interactive, hands-on session on the impactful use of a technology used to support teaching and learning.

Poster Session

Share the outcomes of campus experiences through informal, interactive, brief presentation focused on effective practices, educational technologies or research findings. This will include the presentation of a poster during a 45 minute window, to multiple groups.