VoiceThread LogoVoiceThread is a powerful tool that allows multisensory collaboration between faculty and students. Since Fall 2016, VoiceThread is now fully integrated in Blackboard Learn and replaces Blackboard Voice Authoring (Wimba Voice Board).


What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is a collaborative, web-based application to share multimedia (images, videos, audio, documents) into a slideshow format. Once created, a VoiceThread becomes a space to collect feedback such as voice, text, audio, or video comments.

Integration with Blackboard Learn

Through a Blackboard Learn course site, instructors can create a link to VoiceThread which students can then access seamlessly. VoiceThread automatically creates a "VoiceThread course" therefore, there are no new usernames or passwords to learn, and rosters are sync'd automatically. This web-based tool does not require any software to download and all VoiceThreads are primarily saved within the cloud (with the option to download for remote use). 

Through Blackboard, instructors can also track how many students watched a VoiceThread and set graded assignments, that directly connects to the GradeCenter. 

Examples of VoiceThread Use

Explore the VoiceThread Library for further examples.

Tips and Tutorials