Blackboard Collaborate (Classic and Ultra)

Video conferencing is a way for collaboration to occur between two or more individuals located in differing locations. The video conferencing tool, Blackboard Collaborate, allows synchronous communication between faculty and students, students and students, faculty and faculty, or among others located outside of the Blackboard Community. Video conferencing is also a great way to bring a guest speaker in to address a class without actually having that person leave their current location.

What is Blackboard Collaborate?

The University of Miami has licensed Blackboard Collaborate (Classic and Ultra editions) as its suported videoconferencing solution. Blackboard Ultra is the new version of Blackboard Classic, with an updated interface and ability to lauch a session without downloading a launcher.

Blackboard Collaborate Classic and Ultra includes all of the features of a full web-based videoconferencing system which include:

  • Audio discussions via computer or call-in number
  • Video capture using your computer’s webcam
  • Share PowerPoint slides with a group of participants
  • Sharing your full computer screen with participants
  • Text-based chat
  • Interactive shared whiteboard
  • Audience Polls
  • Participation in meetings using mobile devices
  • Session recording and playback

Integration with Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Collaborate Classic and Ultra are accessible via a Blackboard Learn course or organization, through a tool link.

Examples of Blackboard Collaborate Use

  • Deliver live classes while working remotely
  • Create a virtual classroom
  • Share and collaborate with students using an interactive whiteboard
  • Hold meetings between different course sections
  • Allow non-Blackboard associated guests to attend sessions
  • Upload PowerPoint files into Collaborate
  • Poll partipants to elicit questions and guide instruction
  • Create a synchronous session for a student group project

Tips and Tutorials


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